Mindfulness Online Program

Interested in the possibilities of Mindfulness training but life’s a little crazy right now?

Trust me, I get it.

Most us struggle to find the time to do basic things for ourselves like booking in that dentist appointment or taking our cars for a service in between work, kids, partners and everyday chores.

Time is a precious commodity and at the end of a long day, slipping into something comfortable and curling up on the couch is sometimes all we want to do.

If you’ve read that and thought – Yep. That pretty much sums me up, you’re not alone.

I’ve designed a program JUST for you. Like the sound of a professional, real-time mindfulness group program from the comfort of your own home? I’ve put together a timetable of sessions at different times of the day so you can schedule YOUR mindfulness training around YOUR day.

The program will be presented in the form of an online, live-streamed webinar which will teach you all about mindfulness and give you the skills you need to practice, and benefit from it daily.

This online program is designed to be an educational tool, and is a great first step to introducing you to the principles behind mindfulness training. However, it should be noted that this tool is not designed to be a complete substitution for in-person therapy.

The online Webinar program spans over 5 weeks, consisting of 1.5 hour sessions plus extra Q&A time. There will be a maximum of 8 participants for each session with group discussion and collaboration being heavily encouraged.

 Zoom Webinar Platform is used to live-stream the online group program.

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