Mindfulness Training

What on Earth is it?

Simply put, Mindfulness is living in a ‘right here, right now’ headspace. It is about being completely aware and captivated by every single moment. It is about replacing over-thinking, self-criticisms and negative thoughts with acceptance, curiosity and genuine openness to whatever life throws at us. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it…


A Little More Information …

Mindfulness Training is a series of practical exercises that you will utilize throughout your day to day routine. You will begin to see positive results instantly and with consistent practice will make permanent changes to how you experience life.

My clients have reported a noticeable difference in terms of their focus, concentration levels, sleep quality, better relationships and overall improvements in mood.

How Does Mindfulness Apply to my Life?

Often, we see beautiful quotes including powerful words like forgive, love, accept. But unfortunately, these quotes never come with a step by step instruction manual.

Mindfulness is like an instructional manual to all those self-loving, life accepting qualities we all aspire to possess but struggle to achieve.

However, it takes hard work, practice and time. That’s why Befriend Yourself was started. The title really says it all, the main goal here is to teach you how to be good to yourself. These programs are designed to give you a huge kick start and to continuously guide you through the process. Everything is better when you’ve got support and a little bit of structure. So let me be there for you in your journey to a happier you.


Who Can Benefit from Mindfulness Training?

The short answer – Anyone!

Every single one of us can improve how we approach life. Reasons that my clients have sought out mindfulness training in the past include (but are by no means limited to) those experiencing:

  • persistent negative thoughts,
  • anxiety
  • OCD
  • Trauma
  • lack of focus/ concentration
  • sleep issues
  • fibromyalgia 
  • persistent pain 
  • ADHD
  • performance anxiety
  • procrastination

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